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My Word To Men

The extent of a woman’s love potential is rarely known, even to those
who are the object of her affections. This is because of the subtlety of a woman’s love.

Kama Sutra


I believe that we are all born to ecstatically share with each other the warmth of our flesh and the gentleness of our hearts.

Your sexual needs could be nurtured and transformed into ecstatic lovemaking. It will change your life forever. Stress, difficulties in relationship, loneliness, sexual complexes, shyness, need for love and connection, just simple desire to exchange the gentle touch - Tantra can help you. You can discover a whole new depth to your sexual life, turn it for your health and longevity...

Through Tantric Sex a man can release enormous amount of life energy and obtain the clarity of his mind and softness of his body and soul.

I work with men of any age and of any state of health, including those with disabilities. My oldest visitor was 84.

My sessions are an unique, authentic tantric experience, an amazing gift of pleasure as well as an incredibly profound teaching and sexual therapy. It is also an incredible unique art, which is only possible because of my loving and caring personality and my creative artistic vision.


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My Client Wrote To Me:

'I could start by saying thank you for yesterday, but that just does not feel appropriate. I had a wonderful time with you and will hopefully have many more over the years. However the closeness that I feel for you is breath-taking. Do I love you?...yes, that can be the only answer. When I am with you the world stops turning there is just you/us. I can still taste your lips on mine. I can still feel your skin on my finger tips. I can still feel the very essence of you etched onto my soul. Yes, there is still a smile on my face from yesterday and a child like wonder of what the future may hold in any relationship with whoever I may meet in the future.

By using Tantra you fulfill the person you are with, you take them to places they have never even dreamed about. How could they, no one told them these places existed. No experience has ever prepared them for it. However tantra by itself does not explain the experience. It is you, who takes me to nirvana. By giving yourself, body and soul, you show me that love has a far deeper meaning than I ever knew or expected. Writing this has sent a shiver down my spine...hmmm. I know I say love and maybe you would say it is tantra but can you separate the two? If someone comes to see you to discuss tantra and not leave feeling a warmth towards you then I believe they have missed the point. You are not only tantra but also an amazing  person. I feel very fortunate to be able to call you a friend. Whatever I do in the future you will always be there by my side to guide me, thank you.'



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