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My Sessions Are Romantic Theatre

All my sessions are Romantic Theatre, emotional, sensual and erotic experience. We are lovers. Nature created us, men and women, to be sexually open, innocent, young, free and happy with each other. So you and me - we will create Dance of Love. We both are naked, our minds are relaxed, our faces are ecstatic. Beautiful mellow jazz is filling the room, which is designed to create the atmosphere of peace, serenity and romance. Our bodies are improvising in slow free motions. This is trance. We touch each other with exceptional gentleness and start feeling melting into each other's bodies, our energies connected and sense of love and unity lifted our hearts. My body is young and flexible. It will help yours to become totally engaged in these erotic dance-massages, which will release beautiful soft energies.

My body is a sensor of your moods, it can detect your anxiety, tension or stresses, it can judge the level of your excitement. It will be your guide, your friend, your loving partner and will release you from all sort of pressure you can have. I will treat your body the way a mother is nourishing her baby.

I am totally surrender to you, to your senses and your feelings. I want you to become totally surrendered to me. We both synchronize our loving touch and “watch energy from inside”. We both feel romantic. But I am the one who conducts our next step. My intuition is the guide. I am like a musician who knows how to make a beautiful sound, how to produce a wonderful melody from the instrument: physical body. My body will teach yours how to touch mine. This is how you learn the Art of Tantric Lovemaking. Eventually you will be able to control your excitement. A lot of orgasmic waves will pass through your body upwards, so, you will learn how to channel the energy.

The time will disappear, your mind and the body will be lost in the world of gentleness and love. You will open within yourself the wonderful world that not many reach because they get distracted on the way by chasing orgasm. You will be lost in paradise but when you find yourself again, you will become completely new: no stress, no barriers, everything is easy and clear, a peaceful mind, a harmony in the body, divinity in the soul.

I will help you to express your Loving Man, your beautiful unique Soul. When you touch me, you will become a mirror of me, free from desires and tension, you will become a “cloud of love” and “sunshine”. The session will open the whole potential of your ability to love, to sense, to connect. This will give you confidence you are looking for, power of energy your partner longing for, peace, relaxation, healing and enjoyment. You will understand how to surrender to a woman. This what a woman wants if she knows how to lead a man to the place she wants to be.

Every session for me is like having a stage performance: carefully and thoughtfully I prepare myself for it. This is why my sessions are so powerful. I work like a professional pianist – totally. I love to be like that and I know that this is the only way to make you to experience Tantra.

Note: Time gives us a chance to get to know each other better. Tantra can not be felt without the ultimate trust between us. The longer we stay together the more our bodies will start trusting each other, the more our hearts and minds become connected, the higher energies will rise, the closer we become approaching ecstasy. Two hours session is the appropriate time for the first meeting to have a real taste of Tantric experience. The longer you stay in Tantra the more you are deepening into sensation of ultimate happiness and fulfillment. But you can book 1 hour or 1,5 hour and this will be no less important for your understanding of sexuality and transformation into tantric lover than longer sessions.

If you have been on 'tantric massages' before or visited other tantric practitioners, still do not assume that my sessions are similar.

My sessions are world of togetherness, they are real intimacy.
And they are never the same because you are different today...

But, due to coronavirus I have stopped seeing men offline. I work now online only.



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