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Welcome to World od Tantra, Tantric Sensuality, Tantric Sex and my World of Independent London Escort, Tantric Masseuse, Tantric Teacher and Tantric Therapist. 

My name is Anastacea. I am based in North West London, in the City of Westminster, in the beautiful area of St,John’s Wood, right next to the St.John’s Wood tube station (NW8), not far from Baker Street and Regent Park. Areas of NW6, NW1, W9, W2 are next to me. Yet, clients arrive to see me from all UK and from all over the world. Some saw me many years ago but they could never forget an experience which overwhelmed them deeply, so they contact me when they have chance to come to London or UK.  


My art as a Tantric lover has been developed through many years of practice. I came to very deep understanding of sexual energy and sensuality of the whole body. 

Sexuality is a very delicate expression of human existence. Tantric sex is something so intangible! It is difficult even to find a way of describing it! It can be understood only by experiencing it. But you need that special partner who has already discovered Tantric sex and will lead you into it.

“…I was slightly nervous in the beginning but in time with your help and in the loving way that you nurtured me in Tantra, I became very relaxed in your presence. I was worried very much about my performance, but quite soon I started to feel natural in your environment. For me experiencing your teaching was not only help to understand Tantra but also it seems that time in your place was standing still, that all the stress and worries life bring to me instantly have disappeared. I believe fully in what you express on your web site and eventually happens in a session. When you mention on a session about the body being like a musician, I felt that this in particular is very true as I consider myself to be the instrument which you started to play. At the same way like to become a guitarist playing his guitar and making a beautiful sound with it, I would like to become a lover for a woman. This feels so beautiful…” C. (My client).


This site is about Tantra which has practical modern artistic feminine and beutiful interpretation. My Tantric Sessions are creative and very loving journeys into magical feelings and powerful energies. I invite you into my world of Tantric love, sensual intelligence and romantic creativity.

You will nor find in London other so exciting, erotic and empowering practice as mine. I also offer teaching and therapy if you have sexual problems. I can help you to become an amazing lover.

None of my sessions are formal or cliche, they are unique ultimate pleasure… 

Some men come to me to reconnect to their sexuality after nasty divorces, some come to gain confidence in lovemaking due to lack of experience, some come to learn how to take their sexual relationships to a higher level through tantric sex and so to experience love and devotion to their partners even deeper.

I provide a very effective surrogate partner therapy. 

What is sexual fulfillment? How can we achieve it? How can we understand our own bodies and the bodies of our sexual partners? Why do sexual relationships die and can they be revived?

All these questions and many others men address in their sessions with me. There are no simple answers, but there are a lot of possibilities in Tantra and my intuitive interpretation of it.

My Tantra is practical and sensible – no eastern terminology, exotic rituals, or theorizing. It is about exploring intimate physical and emotional expression.